"Precision grinding is used for materials with relatively small surfaces that require a high degree of flatness, a high degree of parallelism, or a superior surface finish, with close-tolerance sizes...." With skilled and well trained machinists at the wheel, M&W Grinding has been providing quality grinding services with precise tolerances for over 40 years. We specialize in noncenter-less grinding on Inner, Outer and Surface diameters of almost all materials, quantities and sizes. Our expertise lies in ensuring precise tolerance while maintaining any parallelism, perpendicularity, flatness, radius, taper and/or surface finish. At M&W we like to go above and beyond by being a single vendor for our customers as we connect with partners for any further services such as coating and plating, welding, straightening, and more. Our quality control and integrity is what puts our services above the rest in the grinding industry. We strive in our strict attention to detail and our communication with our customer as each job includes a quality check of first article inspection.

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